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Before working with Kathleen Poole, I worked with a web designer who may have been the least imaginative and helpful “artist” I could have ever encountered. New to the scene of web design, I thought web designers provided artistic suggestions, ideas and creative input that would clearly denote the identity and purpose of a website. “Go look at other websites for ideas”, struck me as a lazy, disconnected approach lacking any attempts to be innovative.

I then began working with Kathleen, who also suggested I look at other websites, but instructed me on how to evaluate the websites and to keep track of the websites I both liked and disliked, paying particular attention to specific things that appealed to me, not to copy or emulate, but just as a way to learn more about my personal vision.

Throughout the entire process, Kathleen was an avid listener and an extremely helpful sounding board, striving to create a website that translated my ideas and thoughts into a unique website that I felt would be informative and appeal to the appropriate market.

She continues to work with me, as I become more skilled with the interactive components of the website, allowing me to take the lead, while also inserting creative suggestions and recommendations that reflect her expertise, her experience and professional viewpoint.

Designing a website is a process and Kathleen works as an active partner in the achievement of goals, well understanding how to create an original, artistic, working and dynamic website.

Jan Hale,

My New Website is Great for Business

Kathleen communicated with me through the whole process of building my website. She consulted with me on the look, colors, pictures and information. I get between two and four new leads every week, through my site.

Kathleen created a brochure for me to give to clients. It coordinates with the site and I am thrilled with how well it turned out.

John Webber