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SEO Checklist

This is a partial list of actions that may raise your site in the search engine rankings.

Put “Site:domainname”  into Google and Bing search

Does the site show up?

Find five competitors

Open each in its tab

Go from tab to tab to see if you like your site

Is your site acceptable or does it need to be modified?

Steps to Keyword Analysis

Use Google Keyword Analysis tool.


Write down words you think are important.

Ask around, what terms do others think are important.

Look at competitor’s websites, especially keyword meta- tags in the source code.

Clear source code clutter

Move all styling to a style sheet

Move all javascript to a js sheet

Move image map code to the bottom of the page

Review Page Content

What are in the h1 tags?

Is text meaningful?

How to add more h1 tags to a page?


Plain HTML will be read by Search Engines

Add link blocks at the bottom of the page


Put good keywords into links

Put time into getting as many links back to your site as possible.

Pictures are not picked up by search engines

Use keywords in image file names

Create Image alt tags


You must have links if you are working in a competitive arena.

How many links point to your site?

Put key words in your links

How to create links

Friends and family

Employees and business partners

Distribute press releases with key word links in the body

Distribute articles to article libraries


Industry Associations

Answer relevant questions in forums and Q & A sites.