Websites with Color and Flair

Kathleen Poole and Kim Moore create web sites that function. Your business needs are the highest consideration.

Poole Design Studio is based in Walnut Creek, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients are creative and want to show their best face to the online world. This is our portfolio where you can link to web pages we have created for clients.

We specialize in PSD to HTML web design and implementation and look forward to working with you on your website.

How We Work

We begin with a detailed questionnaire on what are your goals for your website. Once that is decided we create mock up pictures in Adobe Photoshop using Illustrator and Fireworks. This is a process where a lot of communication takes place as we go forward with the designing and coding of the site.

Throughout the whole process we will be getting your approval for the way your page looks and works. This part of the process can take some time with faithful and timely collaboration on all sides.

Does your present web host have a phone number that you can call to get customer service? Sometimes small business owners think they are saving money by going with the cheapest host they can find. Then, when they want to talk to someone, no one there. A lot of heartache and frustration can be avoided by carefully evaluating a hosting company.

Implementation of your site on the World Wide Web is an important component of our service. We will only recommend hosting companies with customer friendly service and fast access. We check out each of the hosting companies personally, on the phone, their control-panel and their ease of doing business. We can't promise they are the least expensive, we can promise they will deliver in a prompt and courteous manner.

Often the work of creating a website leads to our creating graphics that can turn into fresh cards, stationary, brochures and icons. Poole Design Studio is happy to help you create the appearance of your company's new visual identity.